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We help students find their ideal job in their industry


A great business has a talent pool of great people. Here in West London, there is a pool of talented students at your doorstep, and we can help you reach out to them and excite them about careers in your industry. Our close collaboration with local schools gives industry partners a range of opportunities to support young people: from mock interviews or speed networking (where a small group of students questions a business volunteer about their job for 10 minutes) to running a 40-minute workshop about your industry.

Our key corporate partners include Sky, GSK, and Thames Water as well as many other global and local employers across West London. Please explore the benefits of becoming a Spark! partner and get in touch if, as we hope, collaboration with us captures your imagination.

A vast range of opportunities is available to our partners, including:

Consultancy and masterclasses – Spark! provides bespoke consultancy and masterclasses, developed with the Institute for Education Business Excellence, covering Government policy, Curriculum developments, Qualification developments, Labour market intelligence and Safeguarding young people.
Volunteering– Volunteering opportunities include:
Mock interviews and speed networking
Providing CV advice
Workshops about your industry
Careers and Higher Education Fairs
Industry Insight Days – Consider whether you could host a group of 15 students to spend a day in your business learning about your industry.


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Determined, Creative, Persuasive and Self-confident. I’m wired to connect with people. I’m self-motivated to set goals and analyse progress along the way. I’m drawn to organisations that define their purpose by their contribution to society. I believe Education is a vehicle to change the quality of life for individuals.

I hold a track record of working effectively with schools and businesses with a strong portfolio of corporate and SME contacts London-wide. Passionate about working with partners to create inspiring opportunities for young people whilst exposing students to a wide range of career options through employer engagement.