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WaterDeck is an innovative online platform that gathers water consumption data from all your business premises, sync with the Cloud, so they are accessible from anywhere.


Together with a user-friendly interface, available on both desktop and mobile application. With intelligent analytic functions, helping you to understand your consumption as well as automatically benchmark water efficiency performance against your sites or among peer industry benchmarks.

We have been in the utility industry for a number of years.

This extensive experience has allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of how best to benchmark and save on your water and energy bills. With a focus on hospitality and care, but working across the spectrum, we work with businesses to help you breakdown your costs; so you understand precisely your water usage.

This allows us to best support you in lowering your costs and conserving your resources. We can also compare your current water usage against external benchmarks; helping us create a far broader understanding of your water usage for far more nuanced recommendations.


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