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The latest educational courses on becoming a skilled worker.


Businesses flourish when they have a flexible and skilled workforce that can adapt to future changes. Uxbridge College has a proven track record in providing training in the latest skills and knowledge needed in your industry. From low-cost short courses to bespoke packages, we offer top-class technical and professional development for your existing and new employees.

Uxbridge College offers a free no obligation on-site visit to assess your needs, to develop a bespoke training and development package that:

Target your skills gaps
Meet your budget needs (including help to access the best funding opportunities available)
Can take place on your premises or ours, at a time to suit your business operation
Support to evaluate the effectiveness of training and to ensure your needs have been met
A range of recruitment, retention, training and skills solutions to develop your business

What are the benefits to your business?

It is focused on your organisational requirements
You have a choice of delivery style and duration
We select best-fit trainers for your organisation
Training programmes are flexible and offer feedback
Timescales to suit you
We provide dedicated Account Manager support
You can embed training and quality development into your business
There are many staff benefits including:
Increased employee motivation and job satisfaction (leading to improved employee retention)
Improved efficiencies in processes
Increased innovation in strategies and products
Increased business capacity to adopt new technologies and methods.
Work with Uxbridge College Employer Services and commit your business to a programme of continuous development and progress.


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