Executive and Team Coaching

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Executive Coaching, Team Relationship Coaching, Career Transition Coaching, Return to Work Coaching, Women Talent Development Coaching, and Coach Training.


SelfSense coaching creates a non-judgemental and confidential space and time for you. A space for you to think and be listened to, a time that is more than just setting goals and going for them. You can speak freely about what matters to you with someone who is genuinely interested and to explore your challenges, deeper questions, and goals.

We have strong reputation coaching leaders, directors and high potential senior executives across a variety of sectors. We have a deep understanding of leadership development, programme design, and learning processes.

Executive Coaching – whether you are a corporate or start-up leader we provide a supportive and uniquely challenging working partnership that benefits performance through developing your skills, focus and confidence.

Team Relationship Coaching – this is the opportunity for teams to go beyond their current abilities. We work with members on a one-to-one basis first to understand their context, their unique strengths and to explore with them their behaviour patterns. We bring teams together for activities aimed at developing awareness and a shared experience of team dynamics. This helps to build trust, enabling more effective decision-making and delivery of performance that goes beyond expectations.

Career Transition Coaching – to support and engage talented individuals through times of instability enabling them to take ownership of change.

Return to work Coaching – this is for individuals who feel they are taking a significant step in returning to the workplace after a career break.

Women Talent Development Coaching – is an opportunity to recognise and engage with the learning capacity and motivation of emerging women leaders in the organisation. The aim is to develop new ways of thinking which empower women to achieve success within their career path.

Coach Training – is a pragmatic short skills-development programme, recognising the important role line managers can play as a coach to engage teams. This can improve the delivery of effective feedback, support learning or help develop a more participative style of management.


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SelfSense Director, Coach to Executive Teams.

I am drawn to activities and projects that make the workplace a fulfilling and rewarding experience for all involved.

I work to grow as an accomplished facilitative leader and coach. With 25+ years of experience in business and education management. I have steered multi-disciplinary teams to gain effectiveness, organisational and personal. I have in-depth knowledge and understanding of leadership and organisation change within complex organisations in education, public, voluntary and private sectors.

A qualified coach and competent leader of people and processes. My forte is ‘partnering’ strategic teams to tackle the key challenges of improving provision, raising quality and strengthening partnership working by developing leadership capacity. I have developed a highly effective coaching process to assist senior leaders and their work teams achieve their goals – organisational and personal. I find that outstanding leaders facilitate dialogue and coaching within teams to provide products, services, and results that go beyond customer expectations.

Specialties: Organisation Development & Education Consultancy: Operational & Strategic Leadership. Group Facilitation: Building Team Conflict Resolution Skills for Quality & Performance Improvement. Inclusion & Diversity: Talent Management of Women and under-represented groups; Leadership Coach/Mentor: for Senior Recruits, Tech Entrepreneurship and Returners after an absence from work. Advanced Training Skills: NLP; Train-the-Trainer. Support to internal Human Resource teams;