Employment Projects

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A key part of Action West London’s Mission is to help disadvantaged individuals change their lives through accessing Employment opportunities.


Many of the individual’s Action West London works with experience significant barriers to Employment. Barriers may include:

– Lack of skills
– Lack of work experience
– Difficulties in fitting employment around child or family career responsibilities
– Lack of English skills
– Long time out of the labour market
– Criminal record
– Refugee status
– Mental health difficulties
– Little knowledge of job opportunities
– Lack of digital and IT skills
– Poor motivation
– Lack of confidence.

Individuals may also experience additional difficulties which impact on their employability, such as issues around housing and accommodation, substance misuse, negative peer group pressure or lack of personal ‘networks’. Action West London also helps with these difficulties by linking up with a range of organisations in the community which can assist.

All our staff and volunteers help people overcome these barriers through positive Employability support. They help with CV’s, job search, training opportunities and interview skills. Our advisors agree clear, personalised Action Plans with individuals and empower them to search for and secure employment. This can include highlighting how individuals can be financially better off in work rather than on benefits, volunteering to build confidence and experience, work trials, work experience, traineeships, apprenticeships, part-time and full-time jobs. AWL also helps people who want to become self-employed.


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