Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing includes cloud storage, back-up and public, hybrid and private cloud services


Improving the way your business works

Cloud computing solutions have revolutionised the ways in which organisations of all sizes can use, store and understand data, and the ways in which their people communicate and collaborate on a routine basis.

SCA provides cloud storage, back-up and public, hybrid and private cloud services. We can help you understand precisely how cloud computing can benefit your business, whether you are a solopreneur or have 2000 employees.

Flexibility is now mandatory

Now more than ever, businesses are under pressure to be flexible in the way that they operate. Future growth depends on being competitive, delivering first rate services and equipping their employees with the tools they need to work seamlessly productively from anywhere.

Every business also needs communications systems that are safe, secure, compliant and reliable – while also being flexible enough to scale up or down in line with demand.
Without access to the latest cloud solutions, you may find that software systems aren’t fit for purpose, data isn’t as well protected as it has to be and your mobility is seriously hampered

Tailor-made cloud solutions

By deploying cloud solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your business, your IT infrastructure can be made immediately more flexible, powerful and secure.

You can scale up your use of individual cloud-based systems with ease, so that when your business expands quickly your performance levels are entirely unaffected.

With integrated cloud-based solutions, your team can be equally well-equipped and connected from anywhere and via any device.

Always up-to-date

Your most important systems will always be up-to-date, enabling your workforce to take advantage of incredibly powerful solutions that can directly enhance your collaborative potential and overall business performance.


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