Career Mentoring

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We provide Career planning, Skills training, Project guidance or problem-solving, and Professional contacts


Mentoring involves informal communication, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less (the protégé or mentee).

SelfSense has considerable experience of mentoring in teaching, management and volunteering contexts. We provide confidential mentoring, counselling, advice and guidance to help you progress your profession, career or enterprise. It is a collaborative process in which as mentor, we deliver:

Career planning
Skills training
Project guidance or problem-solving
Professional contacts

Virtual mentoring uses video conferencing and e-mail to mentor individuals or companies. Some of our clients find this beneficial when they are unable to leave their workplace, and it is less expensive than face-to-face sessions. We recommend meeting the mentee face-to-face for the initial meeting at least.


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SelfSense Director, Coach to Executive Teams.

I am drawn to activities and projects that make the workplace a fulfilling and rewarding experience for all involved.

I work to grow as an accomplished facilitative leader and coach. With 25+ years of experience in business and education management. I have steered multi-disciplinary teams to gain effectiveness, organisational and personal. I have in-depth knowledge and understanding of leadership and organisation change within complex organisations in education, public, voluntary and private sectors.

A qualified coach and competent leader of people and processes. My forte is ‘partnering’ strategic teams to tackle the key challenges of improving provision, raising quality and strengthening partnership working by developing leadership capacity. I have developed a highly effective coaching process to assist senior leaders and their work teams achieve their goals – organisational and personal. I find that outstanding leaders facilitate dialogue and coaching within teams to provide products, services, and results that go beyond customer expectations.

Specialties: Organisation Development & Education Consultancy: Operational & Strategic Leadership. Group Facilitation: Building Team Conflict Resolution Skills for Quality & Performance Improvement. Inclusion & Diversity: Talent Management of Women and under-represented groups; Leadership Coach/Mentor: for Senior Recruits, Tech Entrepreneurship and Returners after an absence from work. Advanced Training Skills: NLP; Train-the-Trainer. Support to internal Human Resource teams;