Becoming a London Living Wage employer in Brent

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Why paying the London Living Wage makes a difference?


The London Living Wage is an independently set, voluntary hourly rate of pay. It represents the minimum amount an employee needs to earn to provide a decent standard of living for themselves and their family. We are proud to have been an accredited London Living Wage employer through the Living Wage Foundation since November 2013.

We are offering other businesses in Brent a range of incentives to encourage them to become accredited London Living Wage employers too. This will not only help to raise living standards for Brent residents but will also allow Brent employers to experience the many business benefits that accreditation brings.

Our incentives package includes the first business rates discount in the UK for accredited Living Wage Employers in the borough. We are also offering a range of other exciting incentives, which you can find listed under the Accreditations and benefits tab above.


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