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Traditionally, only inspectors from the local authority were authorised to undertake building control. But the Building Act 1984 opened up the market, allowing qualified companies in the private sector to fulfil this role in England and Wales. Wilkinson Construction Consultants are one of these companies known as Approved Inspectors and licensed by the Construction Industry Council (licence number 153).


Once appointed, we will work with you help you ensure that the building work complies with Building Regulations throughout the process.

The procedure requires that you and the Approved Inspector jointly to notify your local authority of your intended building work on what is called an ‘Initial Notice’. Once this notice has been accepted by the local authority the responsibility for plan checking and site inspection will be formally placed on the Approved Inspector.

We will then

– Advise you on how the Building Regulations apply to your work
– Check your plans
– Issue a plans certificate (if requested)
– Inspect the work as it progresses
– Issue a final certificate


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