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Helping employer to gain information about the use of an apprenticeship programme


What is an apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship is a government-funded scheme designed to fill a vocational skills gap for people in the labour market.

Over 80% of employers who employ apprentices agree they make their workplace more productive
81% of consumers favour using companies that take on apprentices
Apprentices are normal employees but the employer commits to provide on the job training and letting their apprentice attend educational workshops after an initial burst. Our workshops are half a day each month.

In return, the employer is allowed to flex the apprentice’s pay structure and the government makes a contribution towards costs. More importantly, the employer gains fresh thinking and great energy around the office, plus the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to creating an up-skilled workforce.

An apprenticeship is a commitment for between one and a half and two years for both apprentice and employer, so we take great care to match the right apprentice with the right job. This, in turn, means employee retention and lower recruitment costs.

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What about training my existing employees?
Our roots are as a vocational training organisation with an emphasis on qualifications accredited by the major exams boards.

We provide a wide range of corporate training opportunities and services for other training companies. We are well respected within our industry.

Please check out our training & upskilling page


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I am past Chair of the employers group developing the Careers Development Professional Higher Apprenticeship.