Global markets can be highly efficient, but we also believe that for some goods and services local proximity still matters in high quality, fast and affordable service delivery. That is why we developed Marketplace for our West London community.

Marketplace is launching in beta from West London Business to promote B2B trade and peer-to-peer support in the UK’s second largest economic powerhouse, a £73bn economy.   Some B2C features in the leisure and retail sections of the platform.  Marketplace is primarily focused on businesses operating actively in seven north-west London boroughs: Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon and Hounslow.  Specialist service providers seeking to reach the market may use the platform if you join West London Business. 

The Marketplace platform is organised around the following sections:

  • Stores – We do not carry any sales transactions on the platform, instead our stores act as digital catalogues for a high level overview of our members’ products and services.  We then link you directly to the right sections of their websites where you can start the buying/ commissioning process.
  • Opportunities – You can post opportunities where you are seeking new suppliers/ business partners on your company (or personal) profile/ account on Marketplace.  If you have a procurement portal or ‘open innovation’ platform we suggest you signpost to these.  In this section of the website other Members can search opportunities and view ‘recently posted’ and ‘featured’ opportunities.
  • Members – This is where you can seek out and connect with the hundreds (soon to be thousands!) of users of our platform.
  • Groups – As a member you can create new Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for other Members to join.  These groups are already live: West London Excellence Club; West London Export Club; and TechWest.London.  Take a look and then reach out to make new connections!
  • Vendors – Vendors are a category of members that have ‘upgraded’ their Marketplace account to operate a store.

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